Why You Should Start A Blog For Your Removalists Business

No matter what type of website your removalists business has, you should be aware that one of the internet’s most popular type of websites is blogs. These have become hugely popular, not just for those who visit them and consume the content which they find on their favourite blogs, but also for those who have created those blogs.

The latter group covers a wide spectrum with blogs created by everyone from retired individuals sharing their life stories, to multi-billion dollar corporations whose blogs are read by tens of thousands of visitors. Admittedly those two examples are at either end of the spectrum, but what that should indicate is that no matter how large or how small your removalist business is, it can still benefit by having a blog.

The first point about blogs that we need to make you aware of is that they are very easy to set up. In most cases you do not need to register a new domain or create a new website, especially if your current website was created on a platform such as WordPress, Wax or Squarespace, for example. These are just three of the many website platforms where it is possible to add a blog. If are unsure which of these applies then speak to the agency who designed your website.

Normally the next question we hear from business owners is what content they should be adding to a blog. They often do so with absolutely no idea what options they have, which is ironic, because the options are almost unlimited. In truth there really are no exclusions or limits on what you add to blog provided 1) It has relevance to your business, and 2) It is respectful. In other words no adult humour, bad language or anything that could be considered offensive.

7 Web Design Tips If Your Website Audience Covers All Age Groups

Whilst it might seem difficult to believe that the Covid-19 pandemic created anything positive, there are a few. It certainly saw the medical community create vaccines in record times, and we are sure the incredible efforts of health care staff is greatly appreciated by all.

Something a bit more curious occurred due to covid-19 and that was the increase in the number of people going online and in particular the number of seniors who used the internet for the first time. More often than not it was to see and speak with their loved ones, but there was also an increase in seniors using the internet for other reasons such as entertainment or shopping.

This brings into focus an issue that may not always have been at the forefront of modern web design, and that is making sure that websites are suitable for users of all ages, including seniors. The myth that those online are mostly aged 16 to 35 has long been busted, with the numbers of those online aged 75 and over doubling over recent years. Today, web designers need to cater for all age groups, so here are 7 web design tips for making your website suitable for all.

Does The Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme Apply To Your Business Or Organisation?

It is difficult to escape news relating to data breaches and company databases being hacked, as it seems like every other week there is another which takes place. Whilst consumer law is in place to ensure that companies comply with data and privacy protection matters, in practice the law is not capable of stopping a determined hacker on the other side of the world from hacking in and stealing the personal data of a business’s customers.

For that, rigorous data protection and security are required and if your business does not yet have this in place, then our advice is that it needs to as soon as possible so that you are complying with current privacy laws especially the Privacy Act of 1998.