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Cultural Events

  • Slidell Cultural Center

    The Slidell Cultural Center, on the first floor of City Hall at 2055 Second Street, is the city's own premier art gallery focusing its exhibits in fine arts, history and science. The Center features local and regional artists and showcases national traveling collections. Free Admission.
  • Arts Evening

    The first week-end in November is the city's premier fine arts celebration in Olde Towne. It's a night filled with fine dining, amazing galleries, live music, fabulous dance performances, and quaint shops showcasing the talents and works of local and regional artists. Free Admission.
  • Christmas Under the Stars

    December hosts the City of Slidell's "Christmas Under the Stars" in Griffith Park - a spectacular nightly display of lights, music, storytelling, entertainment, Parade of Trees, and of course, Santa and Mrs. Claus. Free Admission.
  • Bayou Jam Concert Series

    Pack up your chairs and blankets and head to the Bayou Jam Concerts in Heritage Park to hear the best of regional bands. Concerts are held bi-weekly in Spring and Fall. Free Admission.
  • KidsFest

    Celebrate the end of the school year with KidsFest! Musicians, magicians and artists bring Heritage Park alive with activities for children of all ages. Held on the first Friday in June. Free Admission.
  • Slidell Museum

    The Slidell Museum is located in the old town jail. It houses two permanent collections. Downstairs in the old jail cells is a collection of photographs, items and memorabilia on the history of the city of Slidell. Upstairs is an extensive study on the South's role in the War Between the States. The exhibit contains original reproductions of military uniforms and weapons, along with comprehensive text and audio displays. The museum also displays temporary exhibits from local community groups. Free Admission.
  • Music

    The Musical Arts Association is a dedicated group of musicians and music lovers who have banded together through the common strand of music. The Community Concert Band is a group of exceptional quality which occasionally breaks down into smaller jazz ensembles, string ensembles and assorted brass and woodwind ensembles. These ensembles work in concert with school children and as performance groups for local functions. The full concert band, under the baton of a professional conductor, performs three concerts a year. Two of these concerts include the Community Chorus, a choral group. Also on the music scene (for the ninth year) is the Slidell Youth/Community Orchestra. Made up of young and adult string musicians, the students are given an opportunity to foster a love of music through the beauty of the strings. Woodwinds were recently added to expand the richness of the orchestra. The Slidell Symphony Society pools hard work, partial grant funding, and community participation to bring a professional symphony to the city each season. The group specializes in promoting music and concert dates in the schools.
  • Theater

    Enjoy a season with the stars - stars who, during the day, are accountants, nurses, computer wizards, students, journalists, teachers, parents and bankers. Many of the stars of Slidell Little Theatre are the actors you'll see on stage. You'll see other stars taking tickets, making coffee, cutting grass and building sets. And, some stars you may never see. They read the plays, sew the costumes, coordinate the judging, pay the bills, and apply for the grants. Slidell Little Theatre is a volunteer organization that got its start in 1963. After years of performances on high school stages and then in a remodeled church, SLT now has a state-of-the-art facility - made possible by the continued support of members and patrons.
  • Arts, Crafts & More

    The Slidell Art League is a visual arts organization that hosts one juries show each year and one membership show each year. With open membership, it offers a variety of workshops and also promotes volunteer projects, such as teaching in the public schools. The Slidell Artists and Craftsmen Guild is comprised of everyone from artistic quilt makers and handmade furniture makers to pine needle basket weavers and potters. The group offers a wide variety of workshops and technical support for its members' shows each spring and fall. The St. Tammany Porcelain Art Club studies porcelain art techniques, organizes workshops and field trips to study art, and hosts one show each year. The Slidell Photography Club offers workshops, field trips and critiques to members sharing their interest in photography. The Live Poets Society offers quarterly poetry readings. Local authors meet monthly at the Slidell Library and then share their work with the community.
  • The Arts Commission

    The Commission of the Arts, an agency of the city of Slidell, Department of Cultural Affairs, is governed by a board of volunteers appointed by the mayor with the primary function to develop, nurture and sustain the cultural life of the community.
  • Department of Cultural and Public Affairs

    The Department of Cultural Affairs and Public Affairs produces many of the city's cultural events, including Some Enchanted Evening, Kids Fest, Bayou Jam concerts, Arts Evening, Christmas Under the Stars and exhibits at Slidell Cultural Center. For more information on these events, visit the City of Slidell's calendar of events at www.slidell.la.us or contact the Department of Cultural and Public Affairs at 646-4375.
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